Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance: Book One: Thunderstorm (Billionaire Erotica Series)

December 19, 2015


Sara and Alexander are running the shoe business after it was left to them in Sara’s father’s will. Leaving them with the mansion, the money and the company they have been working together for over a year. As a thunderstorm begins to brew Sara confesses that she still has the fear of thunder and lightening. Alexander offers to calm Sara’s fears by doing what they use to do when they were younger. Hiding under the covers and coming up with silly jokes to pass the time with a flashlight between them. Though it doesn’t go exactly the way they had planned Alexander begins to see a different side of Sara. Being close together under the blankets and feeling Sara’s hot breath on him he can’t help but wonder how it would feel to kiss her. Sara is shocked herself that she has the same thoughts in the back of her own mind about Alexander. Wanting him more the closer they get under the blankets.


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