The WOW Billionaire Stepbrother Romance: Book 1: Innocent (Billionaire Bachelors Series)

December 19, 2015


Explore the epic tale of a young woman cornered into living with people she can’t stand. A billionaire stepfather, an ex-stripper for a mother, and an obnoxious step brother she can’t abide.


Frighteningly Realistic And Undeniably Steamy


See how a life of luxury becomes a cage for a sweet and innocent woman, and watch as she becomes more seedy, depraved, heartless…and accepted by those in the upper circles of society.


A Sexy And Epic Saga In Three Parts


Experience a three-part saga in the life of Leah, a woman torn from a life of penny pinching, to suddenly becoming one of the ladies of a mansion. See how her relationship with her stepbrother changes, and find out where it takes her.


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