The Comprehensive Guide of Raising Shih Tzu

March 5, 2015
The Comprehensive Guide of Raising Shih Tzu
Raising a Shih Tzu can be challenge sometimes especially for those who have no idea how to raise one. The aim of this book is to give the readers a comprehensive guide on the different aspects of raising your Shih Tzu.
Understanding this aspects will make your Shih Tzu raising experience a good and memorable one. This book also aims to inform the readers on the historical background of Shih Tzu to better understand the origin and the importance of Shih Tzu on Imperial Chinese Culture.
Sometimes Shih Tzu lovers have no idea on what to do in choosing the right type of Shih Tzu for their needs and ending up choosing the dog that cause a lot of problems to them. This book will help the readers to choose the right type of Shih Tzu depending on your needs, lifestyle and personality that will make both of you happy and stress free.
This book also aims the readers to be inform on different aspect of grooming and health care needs of your Shih Tzu so that you will be aware on what to do in responding the health needs of your beloved dog. Both Preventive health measures and solutions are offered in this book and also the right training for your Shih Tzu so that you can have a more organized and well-balanced life with your Shih Tzu in your family.


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5.0 out of 5 stars Comprehensive. Everything you need to know about Shih Tzu March 3, 2015

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My special someone owns a Shih Tzu named Jack. Jack is super cute and affectionate and we love him to bits and pieces. I am glad I have a copy of this book as it will help us take care of Jack better. It is indeed a comprehensive guide as it contains everything an owner of a Shih Tzu needs to know: history, characteristics of the breed, nutrition, grooming, medical check up, selecting which type to get, training, etc. Taking care of a dog like a Shih Tzu is a great responsibility as the dog deserves the best care from its owner and one of the first things a responsible owner needs to do is to better informed himself on the proper care of his dog and this book provides that.


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