The Complete Guide in Caring and Keeping Cichlids Kindle Edition

December 12, 2015


You’ve seen them before. Perhaps many times before. In the pet stores, at friends, when you visit family, and in public aquariums, no doubt. You’re struck by the wide variety of species (nearly 1,500 and counting!). By the beautiful colors of some and by the unique shapes and sizes of others. You think to yourself: How can it be so? How can they all be related? What am I talking about? Cichlids, of course. The family of fish whose relatives can be found from Texas to South America to North and West Africa to Madagascar and Asia.
Now you believe you may be interested in owning some yourself. But you want to learn more about them before you take the plunge. That’s only natural and you’ve certainly come to the right place. The “Complete Guide in Keeping Cichlids” as the name of the book suggest is indeed the complete guide for everything you need to know in keeping cichlids. This book will answer many of the questions you may have about adopting, caring for and maintaining the cichlids. This book will greatly help to increase you knowledge in every aspect in successfully maintaining and creating a suitable beautiful aquarium that will serve as home for your cichlids.

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