Persian Cats: The Complete Guide to Own Your Lovely Persian Cat.(Breeding, Caring for, Rescue, Buying, Training, Understanding)
Animal Training / December 12, 2015

Persian cats were first brought from Persia to Italy in 1620 by an Italian traveler named Pietro Della Valle. At the same time, another man named Nicholas-Claude Fabri de Peiresc brought Persian cats to France. At first, Persians were bred only in Europe. They were very popular among rich people. To own a Persian cat was rare and very special. Soon their popularity grew. Over hundreds of years, Persian cats spread throughout Europe. Persian cats are famous for their long, soft fur. These fluffy pets are the quietest and least active of all cat breeds. There are almost fifty different colors and patterns of Persian cats. No matter what color or pattern their fur comes in, these cats are known for their beautiful coats. Do you like Persian cats? Knowing how to take care of your Persian cat? This book can give the whole information about Persian cats to you. You will know all about Persian cats and will have a lovely Persian cat for yourself. What are you waiting for? GET ONE RIGHT NOW! Most Helpful Customer Reviews→click here  The detail of the book and where to buy→click here