Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Complete Guide to Relieving Pain and Healing Inflammation with Top 50 Simple and Delicious Recipes
recipe / December 13, 2015

Inflammation is the ultimate lurking killer. It is the villain behind wrinkles, behind interior pain—behind every great disease in the shadow at the end of the road. And yet, inflammation is meant to be the ultimate healer. The inflammation sectors of one’s body are meant to heal, to beat back against pathogens and clear the veins, the brain cells, and the exterior skin cells of any intruders. Like so many things, however, inflammation has become rampant. Because of the fast-paced, ever-going mentality of the human race, stress is continually on the horizon. Toxins and pollutants from the ever-spouting coal and plastic plants lurk in the air ready to rush into one’s lungs and take up cell residence. Allergens—those nasty fellows in foods and flowers—are ready to beat back against humanity in the forms of constant sneezes and itches. And poor diet is the consistent benefactor of inflammation. It causes digestive inflammation; it causes brain cell inflammation. The digestive tract scrapes what minerals it can from the foods one digests; and yet, what it has to offer the body is lacking. We become tired; we simmer with inflammation. We never feel “quite right.” The diet and, essentially, the minerals, proteins and…

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: A Complete Guide in Making Easy and Delicious Sourdough Bread (Artisan Bread Recipes, No Knead Artisan Bread)
recipe / December 13, 2015

Sourdough bread (also known as artisan bread) is made by a long fermentation process of dough that uses naturally occurring or “wild” yeasts and Lactobacilli. Recent studies have shown that sourdough fermentation can also encourage digestive healing in people with Celiac disease when eaten as part of a Gluten-Free diet. For several years researchers have been experimenting with sourdough as a way to make bread made with wheat safe for people with Celiac disease. To make Sourdough goods baked with wheat flour safe for Celiac’s, Candida Sufferers and anyone following a Gluten-Free diet, all of the flour used in a recipe must ferment with the Sourdough Starter for at least 7 hours. It is this process that “kills” or renders the gluten harmless. Most store-bought “Sourdough” breads are not baked using this method nor a traditional starter and thus, despite being “Sourdough”, are not safely gluten-free. Artisan bread uses shorter proofing times (it’s ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours) and was designed to be baked in both the Dutch oven and traditional bake ware (bread pan, etc.)… It’s more versatile. It well suited for those who want to make no-knead bread, but… don’t want to wait 8 to 24 hours….

Liver Cleanse and Detox Diet Guide: Top 30 liver cleanse recipes to remove toxins, lose weight, stay healthy and cleanse liver!( liver cleansing foods, natural liver cleanse)
weight loss / December 13, 2015

Just like mothers, the liver is a crucial organ that rarely, and more often than not never, gets to rest, because of the heavy load on its plate. The liver is one of the leading organs in responsible for the body’s detoxification functions. Armed with the ability to eliminate toxins and, in essence, cleanse the body; the liver produces bile for food digestion, stores glucose for energy, metabolizes proteins and fats, and breaks down toxins you accidentally ingest. Furthermore, the liver is also actively involved in most of the other important bodily functions The liver is one of the most, if not the most, hardworking organs in the body; playing a vital role in converting food into energy and removing toxins and poisons from your blood, among five hundred other functions. If the liver is not in the pink, it would not be able to handle its heavy workload. If your liver’s health is jeopardized, all the other organs and systems in the body are threatened and compromised. An unhealthy liver can cause a range of medical problems, organ failures, and sadly, even death. In today’s fast-paced world where junk food, alcohol, pollution, and a largely unhealthy lifestyle are the…

Adrenal Fatigue Diet: Adrenal Fatigue Treatment with the Hormonal Balance and Top 50 Easy to Do Recipes
recipe / December 13, 2015

The Adrenal Reset Diet was created by Alan Christianson and was designed specifically to reverse the effects of Adrenal Fatigue. Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue can include, unwanted weight gain, chronic tiredness, wired feelings and can even lead to more severe health issues. The recipes in this book have been designed with the right amount of carbohydrates and nutrients to actively get your hormone rhythm back to normal. The effects of this can cause, rapid weight loss, radical boosts in energy and clear focus! The Crock Pot is an incredible kitchen gadget that allows you to let your food cook on its own for hours while you go about your day. The result is you coming back to a delicious comforting meal that took little effort to make. It is an unfortunate truth that the majority of us will become ill at some point in our lives. The few that do not are either very lucky or have an amazing immune system. It is very comforting to know that, when you do get sick, the medical community is there for you. Unless it is an emergency, the usual route is to book a doctor’s appointment. Some of us may attend the…

101 Chicken Low Carb Recipes: A Healthy Way to Lose Weight Naturally
weight loss / December 12, 2015

Carbohydrates in food are the prime source of energy for our bodies. They perform numerous roles in our bodies, including the storage of energy, improving our immune system and more. They are an important part of our nutrition, but are also the prime factor for excess fat and obesity. Why? Most of the foods that we love to eat have high quantities of carbohydrates. While it is important for our body to have energy, we only manage to use a small portion of the energy that we get from the carbohydrates. The rest of the energy is conserved in the body in form of fat. This book will definitely give you a comprehensive guide on different principles on how low carb diet will help on how to lower carbohydrate intake, without you having to face a lot of restrictions and challenges. Generally low carb diet is usually used to lose weight effortlessly and how the diet gives you several health benefits. This book will also help you to understand more about benefits of Chicken meat compare to other meat product and how it affects your health, and begin to make positive changes. The good news is with the help of…