Gay Erotica Fiction Book 3: Behind the Curtain
gay , romance / January 10, 2016

Matt and James both thought they had found their perfect man. Working together on a West End show they had begun a secret affair, but quickly the pressures of the production and keeping their romance private began to take its toll. They have now been apart for weeks, and they are dealing with their heartbreak in very different ways. They cannot see any way to resolve the huge wedge that has been driven between them, but neither can stop thinking about the other. Will they be able to repair the damage before the show ends and they go their separate ways? And what is the secret news that their stage manager Sally has to tell them? Most Helpful Customer Reviews→click here The detail of the book and where to buy→click here

Gay Erotica Fiction Book 2: Undercover Love
gay , romance / January 10, 2016

The Lovers, a play directed by Matt Wicker and starring James Oakley, is about to open its doors to an audience, but a far greater drama is playing out backstage. Matt and James have been having a secret relationship for two months, during the rehearsal process for the production. A review after press night causes suspicion and jealousy between the two men and they both try to balance their growing love for each other with the pressure of the production. Will Matt manage to keep hold of both his dream job and his dream man? Will the experience bring them closer together, or drive them apart forever? Most Helpful Customer Reviews→click here The detail of the book and where to buy→click here

Gay Erotica Fiction Book 1: Unexpectedness
gay , romance / January 10, 2016

Matt Wicker is an up-and-coming theatre director whose dream has always been to direct a play in London’s West End, the buzzing capital of the theatre world. His dreams start to become a reality when he is given the opportunity to direct The Lovers, an exciting new play right at the heart of the West End. However, he had not bargained for the beautiful and exciting James to walk into his rehearsal room. Will Matt and James have the courage to tell each other how they feel, and will they manage to keep their affair a secret from the rest of the cast? Most Helpful Customer Reviews→click here The detail of the book and where to buy→click here

Sweet Pain: Gay Erotica
gay , romance / January 10, 2016

Martin has been married to his wife for 15 years. However, he doesn’t find sex with her pleasurable anymore. He decides to find out what’s wrong with him: he flirts with other women at work, he takes a large number of pills, he experiments things with his wife, does plenty of research, and finally… he stumbles across a gay dating website. He makes a decision to put up a profile on the website, saying “34 years old. No experience. I would like to meet a guy of similar age and with no experience.” He starts chatting with Peter, a charming man with a similar problem and the exact state of soul that Martin has. They agree to get to know each other better and set a meeting in person. Peter seems like a nice guy, he tells the story of his life, and talks about how it’s like to have sex with a man. Martin and Peter like each other and decide to meet at Martin’s house. And that’s where all the passion and pain intertwine. Martin, being reckless and eager to try new things, lets his guard down around Peter. And that’s the mistake Martin will regret about, “What…

My Hot Fitness Coach: Book Two: Falling in Shape (My Hot Fitness Coach Romance Series)
romance / December 26, 2015

I did not want to let my sweet Dylan down, but at the same time darling: a girl has got her needs. As you may recall, he only managed to meet them all once: Yesterday, and at that point the dirtiest of the deeds, or at least what I thought they were, had already been done. Sorry, I like my men reliable and constant. At this point you probably think that I am a heartless bitch, but believe me you don’t know a damn thing about me quite yet. After all what little girl do you know that would chose to have one doll when she could have two? (Remember that, the question will be of major importance in the increasingly near future). I figured that Dylan wouldn’t do a thing even if he found out; not I figured, so much as I knew with a hundred percent certainty. Do not get confused, I take risks in life, this is simply not one of them, that’s all. He simply all too nice. The very worst thing that could happen is that he kicks me out; which is definitely a stretch, and more so an impossibility. Dylan was just the kind…

My Hot Fitness Coach: Book One: Passion (My Hot Fitness Coach Romance Series)
romance / December 26, 2015

Passion is a beautiful thing, is it not? Well if it is not a beautiful thing, than it is in fact the most beautiful thing. After all it is the only thing, yes the only thing, which keeps all that blood bumping through your veins. If you chose to believe otherwise, if are the celibate type, you are missing out at the least and a coward at the worst. You simply cannot truly believe that the glory between your legs, the thing that produces the only sensations that matter, is harmful by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe that is why this world, our world, is so mad; maybe that alone makes it ugly. Passion is the most unbridled in the rolodex of human emotions, so it must be the very thing that drives us to irrational conclusions. It sends on trips so strange; so intricate, that only a mad man, quite a lewd one at that, if any one at all could ever come to understand. You and all of your twisted carnal desires, are beautiful. Never let a soul, even that of the most kind hearted humanist, tell you otherwise. J. Kerouac was being honest when he said,…

Unforgettable Alpha Billionaire Romance: Book Three: Desire (Billionaire Erotica Series)
romance / December 19, 2015

The more Alexander gets Sara liking everything that is happening to her the more Alexander wants to find out if Sara is into rough sex. He wants to cum hard inside Sara’s pussy, wanting to show Sara just how much she was missing before she got with him. Alexander loves teasing Sara, showing her just how much she can take before her pussy is begging to cum. He loves hearing Sara whine at him but when Sara’s pussy begins hurting more and more from having a hard, plastic, dildo deep inside her pussy she’s not so sure how much rough sex she can take.   Most Helpful Customer Reviews→click here The detail of the book and where to buy→click here