Sweet Pain: Gay Erotica

January 10, 2016

Martin has been married to his wife for 15 years. However, he doesn’t find sex with her pleasurable anymore. He decides to find out what’s wrong with him: he flirts with other women at work, he takes a large number of pills, he experiments things with his wife, does plenty of research, and finally… he stumbles across a gay dating website. He makes a decision to put up a profile on the website, saying “34 years old. No experience. I would like to meet a guy of similar age and with no experience.” He starts chatting with Peter, a charming man with a similar problem and the exact state of soul that Martin has. They agree to get to know each other better and set a meeting in person. Peter seems like a nice guy, he tells the story of his life, and talks about how it’s like to have sex with a man. Martin and Peter like each other and decide to meet at Martin’s house. And that’s where all the passion and pain intertwine. Martin, being reckless and eager to try new things, lets his guard down around Peter. And that’s the mistake Martin will regret about, “What was I thinking?”
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