Oh My God! The Scientific Evidence for God’s Existence

December 13, 2015


This easy-to-read and must-read short book represents a small collection of valuable and interesting information, arguments and contra-arguments for the existence of God. It is recommended for both skeptics and those who want to strengthen their faith in God. Atheists who want to find out the truth are also welcomed to read it, and especially those who are ready to change their world-view and beliefs if they encounter new facts and strong evidence for the opposite views.
After reading it, you will have an elementary knowledge about the question of God, the purpose of life, the world origin, and the whole humankind history. You will possess a basic theological education necessary for everyone interested in vital questions about life and death. You may not agree with the arguments presented in the book, nevertheless, you will surely gain useful knowledge and acquire new information about your own life.
There are six main scientific arguments presented in the book for the existence of God. All of them are explained in a very simple and understandable manner, providing answers to all fundamental questions people have been asking themselves during the past centuries. The basic outline of six major logical arguments for the existence of God will help you find the most important Words you were looking for your whole life…


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