My Fitness Coach: Book Three: Finding True Love (My Fitness Coach Romance Series)

December 19, 2015


Finding out that Stephanie Connelly was falling for her instructor of two years? It was beyond shock and agreement as she continued to see him. After learning about Ray McKinley’s past, history with the women who lived in the same town as she did was enough to make any woman cry out and escape the nightmare. But not her, the small, curvy woman who seemed to captivate his heart—but what would she do when Ray had vehemently began asking question she could not even answer after talking to his old lover Carrey? Would his questioning even help the matter or would it only worsen it to the point where it was unfathomable?

On the other hand, would it only trigger the anger Stephanie was dreading and fearing as she tried to cover up for Carrey?


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