My Dearest Billionaire Stepbrother Romance: Book 3: Kissed by Unspoken (Stepbrother Billionaire Romance Series)

December 19, 2015


Bentley had changed my world completely. Time healed the wounds that the past left behind. I was in love, and one man changed my whole world. Every day Bentley just didn’t spoil me, but it seemed like there was a new adventure we were on.


Our relationship was perfect in every way, except one thing. Bentley was my stepsibling. When we went to our family’s house on the west coast, we had to pretend there was nothing going on between us. Our family not only wouldn’t understand our relationship, but they were continuously trying to get us back with our ex-spouses.


Thanksgiving already proved that my mother was willingly going to set me back up with my ex-husband. His father, on the other hand, tried to get him back with his ex-wife. I wanted to scream, but doing so didn’t work. All I could do was hold on and wait until we both left for Cancun, Mexico.


The memories were still fresh in my mind of the wonderful time we spent there. My heart belonged to Bentley, and I knew no one else could ever replace him. I also knew he felt the same way about me. He gave me a ring promising his love to me. What I wasn’t sure about was how long we could hide this from both of our parents. I didn’t care any longer; I loved Bentley.


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