My Dearest Billionaire Stepbrother Romance: Book 2: Kissed by Desire (Stepbrother Billionaire Romance Series)

December 19, 2015


After my divorce I doubted I could ever find love again. I felt broken and lost, but that changed into a whirlwind romance that I hadn’t been expecting. A man came into my life and changed all of that. He spoiled me, showed me attention and showed me attention. These were all the things my ex-husband didn’t do in our relationship. There was one small catch, I couldn’t tell my family about the new man in my life that brought me so much love, happiness and joy. My family wouldn’t understand about my new relationship and would disown me in a heartbeat if they ever found out.


I held the picture frame with us in Paris. I traced my on his face. I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him and definitely not so soon, but we did. The only problem was the fact he was my stepbrother. Society didn’t see it the same way we did. We weren’t related and it was perfectly legal to get married. We weren’t blood related. We were only classified we were related because my mother was married to his father.


People that both worked for the firm and lived around here didn’t know we were half siblings. We didn’t have to hide it, but we had to both be at my parents this week for our Thanksgiving holiday.


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