My Dearest Billionaire Stepbrother Romance: Book 1: Kissed by Love (Stepbrother Billionaire Romance Series)

December 19, 2015


People often said new beginnings starts from another ending. My new beginning started with a divorce. My stepbrother, Bentley Parker, gave me a second chance. He flew his jet across the country to pick me up and offered me a job and a place to stay.


Bentley offered me a job and a new beginning. I didn’t realize that the new beginning also consisted of a new romance in my life.


I hadn’t been expecting to fall in love so soon, but here I was head over heal in love. The way his shaggy blond hair hung, his blue sparkling eyes that seemed to look in into my soul. He had been giving me the attention that I deeply desired and craved for so long.


I was in love with my boss, and I knew that he was in love with me as well. Every time I saw him, he made my blood boil, with his sly grins and the way we kicked eyes. Secretly since I got here, I had been fantasizing about him. We were no longer stepsiblings, but partners romantically. There was no other man that had treated me like that, but as luck would have it Bentley was taking me on a surprise trip….


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