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December 19, 2015


There’s not much time.

I’m not sure what prompted you to read this, or if anyone ever will read this, but it’s important. In case we don’t get out, someone should know what happened. If you’ve found this where I think you did, in the Village archives, then leave it there. Memorize what you need and run. You’re not safe here; trust me, I know. This book can lead you to help; get help and get out. Maybe you can finish what we started.

Because if this is in the Village archives, if the Village still exists, then we failed. I’m dead.

There’s not much time.

If you found this somewhere else—maybe in a library in a nice colony, in my house, or something like that, then enjoy the story. You’re finally safe.

But if not… run.

They’re watching you.


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