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March 14, 2016

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From the Minecraft Explorer’s Archive
Game Data Log #024601
Mod: relyawesomew0rld
Mode: Survival
Start Date: 25/06/2010, 23:07.91

May 12, 2015
Dear diary—

Wait, no. There’s no way I’m starting off like that. This is an explorer’s journal, not a book about my middle school crushes.

Adventurer’s Log, Day 1:
Unknown time—perhaps morning

I, Sir Benjamin Shortsword, arrived in the new world today, with the blessings of my people ringing in my ears, and outfitted solely with this pencil and diary. Stevespeed to me on this dark and dangerous quest, filled with unknown monsters and devilish evils. May I endure with the perseverance of our founding father, Steve, and fight till victory is won, or until I meet my bitter end in death. I shall fight on, never failing to—

Oh, look, a sheep.

Unknown time— late evening

Enough flowery talk… I should probably just tell you what’s going on…


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