How to Start a Business for Beginners: A Complete Guide to Building a Successful & Profitable Business

December 13, 2015


A lot of people are afraid of failure. Although they know that they can gain financial independence from starting and growing a business, they don’t want to try because they know some people who failed in their businesses. They fear that their fate will also happen to them. What they don’t realize is that each person is unique. The experience of others may not necessarily be his experience also. His success may not be the success of others.
Those individuals who succeed in their business have also experienced failures in their quest for business success but they don’t let their past failures rule them. They try again and again. Life is a learning process. For each failure, people learn. Furthermore, people learn from reading also. Thus, this book was written to serve the needs of budding entrepreneurs who want to become successful businessmen but don’t know how to start. All chapters of this book are easy to read and understand. Business concepts are cited in a clear and concise manner. Ultimately, the aim of this book is to encourage every reader to be an entrepreneur, start a business and succeed.


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