Essential Oils Guide for Beginners: Top 50+ Essential Oils Recipes for Young Living, Stress Relief, Skin Beauty

December 13, 2015


There might be a lot of talk around you regarding essential oils and you are wondering what kinds of oils they might be. An essential oil is simply a liquid distilled from the flowers, leaves, roots, stems, bark and various elements of a plant. Most of the time, water or steam is used to distill these liquids. You may think that these essential oils have elements of oil in them due to the word “oil” but this is not the case.
Most of the essential oils are clear in color although there are oils like orange, lemongrass and patchouli that can either have the yellow or amber color. Essential oils carry the true essence of the particular plants they are derived from. They are normally confused with perfume or fragrance oils yet they are quite different. Essential oils are created from true plants while perfume oils are derived from artificially created fragrances. The perfumes do not have the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.
There are various methods in which you can get the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Examples include inhaling them or applying them directly on the skin. You can buy the various essential oils because they offer different benefits. The great thing about essential oils is that you can blend them together to be able to get all the different benefits at once. You can also purchase essential oils that have already been blended. The only disadvantage is that you have no control over the blending process and so you just have to do with the oils included.


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