Diabetes Diet Plan:Diabetic Diet Guidelines for Curing Diabetes and Lose Weight Naturally: Diabetes Diet Cookbook and Recipes to Prevent Diabetes, Boost Metabolism , Diabetes Treatment, Diabetes Tips

December 12, 2015


This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to beat diabetes and keep your glucose levels to normal.
Diabetes or diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of diseases which cause high blood sugar levels over a prolonged time period. There are various symptoms which are associated with diabetes, such as increased thirst, frequent urination and increased hunger. If the diabetes is left un attended, it may lead to tons of complications such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and damage to the eyes. In acute conditions diabetes cause diabetes ketoacidosis and non ketotic hyperosmolar coma.
The incidences of Diabetes mellitus have been consistently increasing. This trend is said to be a consequence of widespread consumption of processed and sweetened products, too much patronization of fast foods, and technologies that promote less physical activity. DM could be attributed to many factors, including a sedentary lifestyle and non-balanced diet, both of which can lead to hyperglycemia, the main feature of the disease. These factors are now the targets of DM treatment, which includes both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic modalities. The former focuses on lifestyle modification, while the latter is concerned about providing and augmenting release of insulin, the hormone that is mainly involved in DM. How these treatment modalities can lower one’s blood sugar level is discussed in this book.

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