Pregnancy Diet: A Complete Guide in Healthy and Nutritional Diet during Pregnancy(51 Delicious Recipes)
Pregnancy , recipe / December 13, 2015

There is nothing else in the world that shed light on how healthy or unhealthy you eat like the way pregnancy does. Since the moment of your child’s conception you are constantly aware of the tiny growing human inside of you and you begin to become more aware of what you are putting into your body. Most women begin to immediately focus on changing their diet to help their precious baby be as healthy as possible. The nutritional needs of pregnant women differ from case to case and every woman will have a different set amount of calories that they will need to consume to meet the diet changes that their baby has brought upon them. Making smart and healthy diet choices is not only important for you, but it is also important for the health of your baby. When you are pregnant you need to make sure that not only you are eating a highly balanced and healthy diet, but that you are also getting those extra calories to help your baby thrive in your womb. This does not mean that you cannot eat some of your favorite foods or the foods that you are craving from time to…

Nutribullet Recipes: Top 51 Nutribullet Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss, Beautiful Skin, Anti-Aging
recipe , weight loss / December 13, 2015

Nutribullet is a widely popular superfood extractor that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The patented technology in Nutribullet will enable you to prepare high quality smoothies, soups, and many other healthy meals easily. It seems that everyone nowadays lives such busy lives that they tend to turn to quick and easy meal solutions in order to stay sane. Well, this may be the reason why smoothies are immensely popular among urban households. Smoothies take only a few minutes to prepare and are much healthier compared to microwave meals and fast food. Each drink and dish in this recipe book is guaranteed to come out smooth and creamy yet retain the pulp for fiber content, as long as you use the Nutribullet correctly. Choose from a variety of energy smoothies that you can drink first thing in the morning, green smoothies to help you get your daily amount of vegetables, detox smoothies to help cleanse and revitalize your digestive system, and soups that will keep you satiated and well-nourished. You will also be happy to know that there are also bonus recipes that will show you how to make dips, spreads, and condiments. Bring out the full…

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Complete Guide to Relieving Pain and Healing Inflammation with Top 50 Simple and Delicious Recipes
recipe / December 13, 2015

Inflammation is the ultimate lurking killer. It is the villain behind wrinkles, behind interior pain—behind every great disease in the shadow at the end of the road. And yet, inflammation is meant to be the ultimate healer. The inflammation sectors of one’s body are meant to heal, to beat back against pathogens and clear the veins, the brain cells, and the exterior skin cells of any intruders. Like so many things, however, inflammation has become rampant. Because of the fast-paced, ever-going mentality of the human race, stress is continually on the horizon. Toxins and pollutants from the ever-spouting coal and plastic plants lurk in the air ready to rush into one’s lungs and take up cell residence. Allergens—those nasty fellows in foods and flowers—are ready to beat back against humanity in the forms of constant sneezes and itches. And poor diet is the consistent benefactor of inflammation. It causes digestive inflammation; it causes brain cell inflammation. The digestive tract scrapes what minerals it can from the foods one digests; and yet, what it has to offer the body is lacking. We become tired; we simmer with inflammation. We never feel “quite right.” The diet and, essentially, the minerals, proteins and…

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day: A Complete Guide in Making Easy and Delicious Sourdough Bread (Artisan Bread Recipes, No Knead Artisan Bread)
recipe / December 13, 2015

Sourdough bread (also known as artisan bread) is made by a long fermentation process of dough that uses naturally occurring or “wild” yeasts and Lactobacilli. Recent studies have shown that sourdough fermentation can also encourage digestive healing in people with Celiac disease when eaten as part of a Gluten-Free diet. For several years researchers have been experimenting with sourdough as a way to make bread made with wheat safe for people with Celiac disease. To make Sourdough goods baked with wheat flour safe for Celiac’s, Candida Sufferers and anyone following a Gluten-Free diet, all of the flour used in a recipe must ferment with the Sourdough Starter for at least 7 hours. It is this process that “kills” or renders the gluten harmless. Most store-bought “Sourdough” breads are not baked using this method nor a traditional starter and thus, despite being “Sourdough”, are not safely gluten-free. Artisan bread uses shorter proofing times (it’s ready to bake in 2-1/2 hours) and was designed to be baked in both the Dutch oven and traditional bake ware (bread pan, etc.)… It’s more versatile. It well suited for those who want to make no-knead bread, but… don’t want to wait 8 to 24 hours….

Adrenal Fatigue Diet: Adrenal Fatigue Treatment with the Hormonal Balance and Top 50 Easy to Do Recipes
recipe / December 13, 2015

The Adrenal Reset Diet was created by Alan Christianson and was designed specifically to reverse the effects of Adrenal Fatigue. Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue can include, unwanted weight gain, chronic tiredness, wired feelings and can even lead to more severe health issues. The recipes in this book have been designed with the right amount of carbohydrates and nutrients to actively get your hormone rhythm back to normal. The effects of this can cause, rapid weight loss, radical boosts in energy and clear focus! The Crock Pot is an incredible kitchen gadget that allows you to let your food cook on its own for hours while you go about your day. The result is you coming back to a delicious comforting meal that took little effort to make. It is an unfortunate truth that the majority of us will become ill at some point in our lives. The few that do not are either very lucky or have an amazing immune system. It is very comforting to know that, when you do get sick, the medical community is there for you. Unless it is an emergency, the usual route is to book a doctor’s appointment. Some of us may attend the…