Baby Sleep Training: How to Get Baby to Sleep through Night Well

December 13, 2015


Imagine you have 6 months old twins. One of them falls asleep without an issue, but the other one requires being swaddled and much more rocking to fall asleep. You’re following the same routine and strategy, and then what on earth is wrong with your little angel who keeps you awake all through the night?
Whether you’ve embraced motherhood just now or you’re enjoying your time with your baby for a few months now, the chances are you’re constantly looking for a panacea to help your baby sleep well, and give you a chance to overcome your fatigue and have your bedroom and marriage back. It’s usually a matter of trial-and-error – you have to try a few methods and strategies before you hit the bull’s eye. That’s where you will find this book to be extremely helpful – it will walk you through the complications involved in a child’s nap and tells you what you as a parent should expect in those memorable, and relatively tough early months.
This is no regular book like the others you find on the block. Other books promote ‘cry it out’ as one of the best ways to deal with babies who have a hard time falling asleep on their own. I share a different approach actually and delve deeper into the details to find other, more effective ways with little to no side effects. You have to understand that if you cannot teach your little one how to sleep well in the early months, you may have in front of you an incurable adult insomniac, chronically dependant on sleeping pills.


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